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CPR Road Tour is a family-owned, mobile CPR / AED, Basic First Aid, and Active Shooter / AVERT training center. We provide this “Life-Saving Training” at your location with a positive, easy to learn, and memorable approach to learning.

HSI Health Safety Institute and the curricula are used for certifications. We offer classes for individuals and communities. We also educate emergency responder teams businesses or those in the industry.

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We are old school teachers here – all of our classes are in-person and brought to you! We make it easy to stay up-to-date on the best safety practices, whether it’s your first time learning about it or this course is a refresher.

Meet The Ostranders'

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Earl & Debi Ostrander

Hi Folks, My name is Earl Ostrander, and along with my wife Debi, we are the CPR Road Tour! I helped teach my 1st CPR and First Aid class in my home town of Wildwood NJ, as a member of the Wildwood Beach Patrol. In the early 80s, I was in the US Air Force as a Law Enforcement Officer. I became an EMT in 1989 and ran with ACLS Corps for almost 20 years. Most recently, I joined the New Tripoli Volunteer Fire Dept, and have started Fire Fighter school! The one constant in my life has been Teaching CPR/AED and First Aid.

I met my wife Debi in March of 2017, and we have never looked back! She has helped me grow the CPR Road Tour to where we are today. Debi will be the person who schedules your classes and sends you your certifications. She is also my CFO, so she will be sending you the invoice. But more important than that, Debi helped me through Throat Cancer in 2020. I am blessed to have Kicked Cancer Butt!

Debi and I LOVE to get out on our Harley and Ride, and depending on the weather, I might even show up to your class with a manikin strapped to the back of the bike!

We LOVE our LIFE, and can’t wait to MEET and TEACH you and your TEAM!